After killing everything, it's time for these millennials to save something. Abby and Ben must get everyone back from the throes of video game madness. 

Controls - but basically move with arrow keys, Z for actions, X for cancel and menus

I basically just wanted to make something with RPG Maker after owning it forever. The character generator is pretty good but I had to make some concessions. Sorry Abby, there's no curly hair options. But yeah, it was a lot of fun! Hope you enjoy!

Get the soundtrack:

Additional sprites by hiddenone & Avery:

Ambient New York sound from blackreuz:

Install instructions

Download, extract, and double click the game!


Download 157 MB
Download 280 MB
Download 149 MB


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Hey, just curious: Which version of RPG Maker did you use to create this, and how did you get this running in a browser? I did an RPG Maker thing last year and didn't realize there was any browser player option. This is really cool!

This is RPG Maker MV, which is the most recent I think? They finally added export options beyond Windows. One of those is for browsers, so I built that out, zipped it, uploaded it, and that was it!